L R AS Published on Saturday 3 February 2024 - n° 474 - Categories:Europe

The European Commission, which comes to an end in six months' time, is setting a course for 2040!

With just a few months to go before he leaves office, the European Commission envisages that 90% of electricity will come from renewable sources by 2040, made up of solar, wind and nuclear power.

This will require

substantial investment to extend its electricity network, using smarter, more flexible grids. New interconnections, expanded distribution networks, energy storage facilities, distributable energy supply, flexible market solutions and sectoral coupling will be needed to ensure flexibility and security of supply throughout the energy system," says the project. and sectoral coupling will be needed to guarantee the flexibility and security of supply of the entire energy system", states the project


PV Tech of 31 January 2024

Editor's note This projection resembles the policy of the French governments of the Fourth Republic, when it was necessary to "fall to the left", i.e. to be overthrown on a social or progressive issue. The Commission seems to want to leave the same image for the future.

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