L R AS Published on Monday 22 May 2023 - n° 446 - Categories:purchase and sale of assets

A new platform for selling or exchanging power plants in Spain

A new platform for buying and selling photovoltaic and wind energy projects has been set up in Spain. NTeaser brings together developers and investors to sell renewable energy projects or assets without an intermediary.

The reason for its creation is that "the renewable energy sector is not very transparent and is highly fragmented. Sales of assets or projects are slow, costly and inefficient, as they require negotiating with several investors simultaneously, each with different requirements. There are also too many intermediaries charging high commissions, which considerably reduces the profitability of a project."

The platform charges the buyer 1% in the event of success.

Transactions are carried out and concluded without intermediaries. NTeaser claims that it already has around 150 industrial investors registered on the platform.


PV Magazine of 17 May 2023

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