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Another application for PV panels

French company Sunwind has developed a photovoltaic panel that can be used in ski resorts, ski lifts and high altitude resorts in mountainous areas.

The company

uses a special panel encapsulation process based on a composite multilayer that gives them the exact shape of the polycarbonate side windows they replace.

Sunwind solarised the ski resort of Serre Chevalier (Hautes Alpes) by replacing the polycarbonate canopies with semi-rigid photovoltaic panels called eV+, which are five times lighter than a framed glass panel

The 20% efficient panels measure 1,020mm x 2,000mm and use PERC solar cells. The products can be used in photovoltaic systems with a power range of 7 kW to 12 kW depending on the size of the surface.

The company has already equipped a dozen French ski areas with eV+ panels.

Sunwind currently packages the panels on a production line run by Italian subcontractor Solbian, but hopes to set up its own production facility soon.


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