L R AS Published on Sunday 19 March 2023 - n° 437 - Categories:new development

A mobile container containing a power plant

The Austrian Alternative Energy Projects (AEP) has developed a container consisting of photovoltaic panels, a battery storage system and a hydrogen storage system. The system starts

94 kW and can be expanded to more than 5 MW.

Each container can be transported to the desired location by common means of transport such as truck, ship or train. It contains 168 solar panels, each with an output of 560 W, as well as a 100 kVA inverter and a fully pre-wired AC cabinet. The containers weigh 12.5 tonnes.

It takes between 30 and 45 minutes to unfold the photovoltaic plant. The panels can be tilted at an angle of 15 degrees and all orientations are possible. With four workers, the plug-and-play system could be installed in three hours.

The power plant can be easily commissioned without high connection costs. It has many uses


PV Magazine of 15 March 2023

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