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Germany's 1Komma5° to manufacture cells and panels in 2023

Published on Saturday 19 November 2022 | Article n°425

Germany's 1Komma5° wants to bring cells with high efficiency to market in the second half of 2023

of 21.5% and 420 W TOPCon panels. It will use silicon from Europe or the USA.

In addition, 1Komma5° will continue to offer its customers products from renowned manufacturers. In August, the company opened its first national shop for renewable energy products in Hamburg.


PV Magazine of 17 November 2022

Editor's note The number of "vocations" to manufacture the panels is increasing, but they are usually small companies without the support of a large group behind them. This situation forces the manufacturer to be cautious and not to take high risks with a manufacturing unit of more than one gigawatt. Profitability is then uncertain and the company is left to survive.

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