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Canadian Solar focuses on batteries

Published on Saturday 24 September 2022 | Article n°417

Canadian Solar aims to quadruple its battery production capacity by the end of 2023, from the current 2.5 GWh to 10 GWh

The company has just launched a new storage product

called SolBank, designed and produced in-house. It uses lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery cells and has an energy capacity of up to 2.8 MWh per unit. It comes with a liquid cooling and humidity control system. It has an actively balanced battery management system (BMS).

The group has an energy storage integration pipeline of 11 GWh, of which 861 MWh is under long-term service agreements, 1.9 GWh is under construction or contract, and 8.2 GWh is in an earlier stage pipeline.

PV Tech of 19 September 2022

Editor's note: There is an industrial logic with the manufacture, and installation of panels and then their combination with energy conservation batteries.

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