L R AS Published on Saturday 17 September 2022 - n° 416 - Categories:minister-regulation

Future measures to promote collective and individual self-consumption in France

The French government has announced future measures to promote collective and individual self-consumption. These measures will be taken after discussions as part of the energy-climate law,

announced for the second quarter of 2023. "The difficulty for ecological planning on the energy-climate law is that we are simultaneously embarking on an energy-climate debate that is supposed to involve all local authorities," explains Minister Pannier-Runacher. "There is a risk of making an initial law and then coming back to it six months later.

The support measures for self-consumption have been approved by the Conseil Supérieur de l'Energie: These include rebates to facilitate initial investment, taking account of inflation in the prices at which electricity is sold to the grid, and facilitating collective self-consumption for energy communities.


PV Magazine, 16 September 2022

Editor's note It would have been preferable to launch certain measures rather than wait a year, as we still have to scrutinise the implementing provisions of this law. As always, what's in a hurry can wait! This shows that self-consumption is not a priority for the public authorities.

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