L R AS Published on Tuesday 24 May 2022 - n° 405 - Categories:inverters/micro-inverters

An optimiser to compensate for shading on the panels

In traditional solar panels, shading that covers only 1% of the panel can result in a 33% reduction in energy production. 10% shading can stop production completely.

US-based Optivolt is offering a product that can turn shaded areas into sites of abundant photovoltaic production. The company claims that its proprietary shade tolerance technology, Optivolt Pulse, provides up to 25 times more power in the shade than conventional solar panels.

When the panel is fully lit, the shadow tolerance system does nothing and consumes no power. When the panel is shaded, the optimiser goes to work, virtually averaging the shading point over the entire panel. Optivolt introduces optimisation at the sub-panel level. This is, perhaps, a new phase in the advancement of solar.


PV Magazine of 18 May 2022

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