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US anti-circumvention investigation upsets installers

The US decision on the anti-circumvention investigation may not be taken until the end of the 150 days allotted to it, i.e. next August.

The threat of much higher customs duties (between 50% and 250%) is prompting importers to limit their purchases. Solar power plants are the first to be affected. The SEIA, a trade union opposed to tariffs, reports that around 75% of companies are reporting a cancellation or delay in the supply of panels, with 50% of them stating that 80% or more of their project portfolio for 2022 is at risk.

Manufacturers in Vietnam, Malaysia and Cambodia have reportedly begun to reduce their production rates.

Panel prices, particularly for decentralised production, have risen by between 40% and 50% compared with last year, taking the cost to residential end users from $4 or $4.50/W to almost $6/W, according to Roth Capital.


PV Magazine, 11 April 2022

Editor's note: the history of photovoltaics is interesting: the Chinese imposed themselves by their low prices and reacted to any customs constraints by moving production units.

Buyers reacted like any other buyer, only paying attention to value for money, without paying attention to the dependence on suppliers, regardless of inter-state relations.until such time as suppliers want to take advantage of the situation by raising their prices, or in the event of a particular event blocking deliveries (pandemic, manufacturing or transport problems).

Obviously, the government's desire to limit this dependence is causing difficulties for professionals: product prices are rising, which is hampering or interrupting the business of installers who had an order book at the old prices.

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