L R AS Published on Sunday 9 January 2022 - n° 388 - Categories:equipment manufacturing, industrial strategy

Meyer Burger has chosen its US location

Meyer Burger has chosen the town of Goodyear in the state of Arizona (USA) to produce solar panels.

The unit will have an initial capacity of 400 MW and will start production at the end of 2022. It will then be expanded to 1.5 GW.


Photon of 5 January 2022

Editor's note: By moving quickly on its industrial facilities, the company is taking advantage of the still unstabilised state of the photovoltaic industry after the pandemic. Moreover, it will be ready when the US laws favouring local production come into force. Even if these laws have not yet been passed, the American trend is to protect itself from imports and thus to favour local production. Finally, Meyer Burger is coming up with a product that is technologically ahead of its competitors, which favours its commercial penetration.

Its presence in Europe and the United States reinforces its economic solidity

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