L R AS Published on Monday 27 September 2021 - n° 375 - Categories:self-consumption

Collective self-consumption to earn €12 per month!

On the island of Yeu, 23 individual houses share the electricity produced by the solar panels installed on the roof of five of them, as well as a storage battery.

At the end of the first twelve months, the members of the Harmon'Yeu community have, on average, consumed 97% of the solar-generated electricity and saved around €140 on their electricity bill.

Between April and September 2020, the community reached 30% average autonomy and up to 47% maximum autonomy. Even in winter, on 23 February 2020 for example, the community was able to enjoy a maximum autonomy of 37%.

With the second year of experimentation, ENGIE, designer of the operation with the city council, proposes new functionalities. It will offer participants even more precise consumption monitoring.


Tecsol of 22 September 2021

Editor's note: If you think you're going to attract members or participants to an operation that provides less than 12 euros per month, you'd better come up with other, more striking arguments. Indeed, it is so easy to spend fifty euros more or less in a month that €12 is only symbolic

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