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The world's largest individual solar power plants

An individual generation plant is designed by a single developer (or consortium) and usually with a single export connection to the grid. It may

in some cases be configured on several neighbouring plots of land and/or built in several phases.

  1. In Gonghe, this 2,200 MW-ac solar power plant was commissioned in September 2020 by Huanghe Hydropower Developments. It covers 5,000 semi-desert hectares in Gonghe County, Hainan Prefecture, Qinghai, China.
  2. The 938 MW-ac Sweihan plant in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, was the world's largest single solar plant when it was commissioned in June 2019 - a position it held for 15 months.
  3. The Yanchi 820 MW-ac solar park was No. 1 in 2019. It is located in the Yanchi district of Ninxia, China.
  4. The 816 MW Copper Mountain solar facility; the first phase of the Copper Mountain project, one of the oldest US solar power plants, was connected by Sempra Energy in 2010. When the southernmost phase five was commissioned in March this year, it brought the total capacity of the plant to 816 MW.
  5. In China's Shanxi province, the 800 MW Datong Front Runner
  6. In Spain, the 730 MW Escatrón-Chiprana-Samper plant covers 1,900 hectares spread over three municipalities in Zaragoza
  7. Enel Green Power's Villanueva project in Mexico has been expanded to 700 MW. It covers 2,600 hectares
  8. The 648 MW Kamuthi power plant in India is located in the state of Tamil Nadu
  9. The 600 MW ISTS Lawan-Purohitsar plant is located in the state of Rajasthan
  10. The second largest power plant in the US, Solar Star in California with an output of 585 MW


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