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The prices of the sector to the production of September 9

Silicon :

According to PV InfoLink : Prices for monocrystalline silicon have been almost stable this week, while remaining at a high level, between 93 and 96 RMB per kg. Supply resumes in Xinjiang

and the imbalance is reduced. This gives more bargaining power to wafer manufacturers who had built up stocks, which currently allows them to wait. Prices are beginning to show signs of falling.

Multi-crystalline prices are stable and remain high, between 65 and 69 RMB per kg. This is the result of a reduction in supply.

Silicon for foreigners has reflected the stability of the Chinese market. They remained at $10.2 to $10.7 for monocrystalline and between $7.2 to $7.7 for multicrystalline.

Brochures :

According to PV InfoLink : The resumption of activities of silicon producers feeds the market. Buyers remain cautious. Mono-Si wafer prices remain high at 3 - 3.08 RMB each for G1 and 0.386 - 0.392 $ each for G1 and 0.405 - 0.411 $ each for M6 due to the weak dollar.

Wafer manufacturers have little stock. Wafer prices are expected to remain stable until the bank holiday on October 1st.

Multi-crystalline wafer manufacturers are working at full capacity, but they are short of silicon. The price of the latter will lead to the price of wafers.

The cells :

According to PV InfoLink Cell prices are expected to remain low due to pressure from panel manufacturers and the arrival of new cell production capacity.

Some panel manufacturers plan to increase their capacity utilisation rate, which will drive down prices.

As the price of G1 cells is rather high, demand is turning to the M6 format. The stocks of G1 cells are tending to increase among producers of rows 2 and 3. The price of G1 is 0.86 to 0.87 RMB / W. The M6 cell costs 0.92 to 0.93 RMB / W thanks to stable demand. From October-November, the commissioning of new production lines should encourage mono-Si prices to fall.

The weakness of the dollar has prevented the price of cells outside China from falling. Average prices for the G1 fell to $0.113 - $0.114/W and those of the M6 to $0.119 - $0.120/W.

Multi-Si cell prices remained between 2.6 and 2.65 RMB/unit. Stability is expected to prevail

The panels :

According to PV InfoLink: Orders to be delivered in Q4 and Q1 2021 have a price above 1.58 RMB/W or 0.2 USD/W, significantly higher than the June prices (1.4-1.45 RMB/W or 0.185-0.195 $/W). The delivery of some orders is postponed to the 1st and even 2nd quarter 2021. Panel manufacturers are dependent on silicon deliveries.

Prices for Chinese modules may start to fall in Q4 as demand appears to be somewhat weaker than expected for that quarter.

The rise in panel prices has little effect on the US market, where panel prices are high ($0.32-0.34/W in Q4), but they will fall early next year when Section 201 tariffs are reduced.

PV InfoLink of September 9

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