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Schneider prepares the connected, responsible and solar house

Schneider Electric unveils its ambitions to transform the connected home into a responsible, solar-powered home

At IFA 2020, Schneider Electric presented its vision of the house of the future combining sustainable development, safety and efficiency. Schneider Electric unveiled an evolution of its technologies for the connected home with its new sensors called Wiser

which control the temperature in each room and indicate to the consumer the energy performance and CO2 impact of their home, all controlled by the Wiser application. This tailored solution, which relies primarily on solar energy, will transform the current housing stock into connected and responsible homes.

Using its expertise in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, Schneider Electric presented its "responsible house of the future". This is based on three new products that can be easily and cheaply installed in existing houses. They are driven by the Wiser application

Power Tag (at the announced cost of 50 €), is a "plug and play" sensor that connects to the electrical panel. It indicates to the owners their energy consumption room by room and, above all, how this energy is used, not just consumed. The occupants of the dwellings can set monthly consumption targets and receive an alert if the Wiser system predicts that the target will be exceeded. This reduces consumption and avoids unpleasant surprises on bills.

Consumers equipped with solar panels also have the opportunity to optimise their consumption by monitoring their solar energy production levels. Solar energy users can optimise their consumption of renewable energy and ensure that their panels are operating at maximum efficiency to further reduce their carbon footprint.

Acti9 Active (at a price of 60 to 80 €) enhances electrical safety and reliability in homes. It warns when an anomaly is detected

The efficient room temperature control system (kit from 150 to 250 €) ensures precise piloting thanks to artificial intelligence and automatic learning. It can thus reduce electricity bills by up to 50% without loss of comfort. Its unique room-by-room control function enables heating systems to be managed more efficiently by accurately assessing the characteristics of each room rather than for the whole house.

A second "open window detection" function will soon be added to the product. If a window remains open, the heating is stopped, the user is warned and the system waits until the window is closed before restarting the heating. These functions have two types of benefits: considerable electricity savings and reduced climate impact.

Schneider is preparing for a doubling of electricity demand in the coming decades (due to the connected home and electric vehicles). Houses will have to reduce their consumption and achieve a positive energy situation. The Wiser range provides an unprecedented level of information on domestic energy consumption. People will know how they consume their energy. They will be able to reduce their consumption without changing their lifestyle. Schneider is getting closer to the idea of the responsible home.

By combining sensors and data analysis with the power of connectivity, these Wiser products form a complete ecosystem that will transform the residential home.

Prices and availability of innovations :

PowerTag: 50 euros

Acti9 Active: 60 to 80 euros

Intelligent temperature control system: kits from 150 to 250 euros

The products will be available between the fourth quarter of 2020 and the first quarter of 2021, depending on the country.


Tecsol of 8 September

Editor's note Are the prices indicated those of factory-made products, or the public price to the consumer?

Beyond this presentation, it shows that Schneider is already preparing for a new business niche, that of the responsible home. It is likely that new developments are under way to expand this future activity. It is rare to find such a great strategy in such a large company.

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