L R AS Published on Sunday 6 September 2020 - n° 330 - Categories:agrovoltaic

Do we need biodiversity? Agriculture? The association?

There is evidence that ground-based power plants promote new habitats for insects and wildlife. The advantages of renewable energies, agriculture and environmental protection can converge

in the construction of ground-based solar projects. Thanks to the partial shading and the presence of flowers, less water evaporates, which increases the biodiversity of flora and fauna in a short time.


PV Magazine of 1st September

Editor's note The conclusion of the study is a bit simplistic: either land (agricultural or not) is used to install signs. As there is nothing, everything goes back to the wild, be it plants or animals. Biodiversity manifests itself. Or no panels are installed, and the space remains agricultural.

The only alternative that remains to be evaluated and, depending on the case, specified or recommended, is to install panels high up so that the fauna or flora can develop (but then we return to the initial case); or else we cultivate under the panels and the biodiversity is cancelled out.

This explains why agrovoltaism constitutes an alternative, without it being known yet which is the best..

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