L R AS Published on Friday 13 December 2019 - n° 302 - Categories:French companies, self-consumption

A new offer of self-consumption in rental accommodation

Reservoir Sun joins forces with Tucoenergie to offer self-consumption PV installations on roofs

of up to 200 m² with a daytime consumption of around 100 MWh/year.

Réservoir Sun will be in charge of the development and financing of the projects, and Tucoenergie will be involved from the design phase through to installation and commissioning, on behalf of Réservoir Sun. Customers will be able to rent a 36 kW self-consumption plant at a fixed rate for 12 or 20 years. At the end of this rental contract, the client can buy the plant for 1 euro.

PV Magazine of 9 December

Editor's note A new offer to install solar systems on residential roofs without the owners having to advance money to equip their roofs. If there are more and more proposals, it's because there's a market.

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