L R AS Published on Saturday 13 July 2019 - n° 285 - Categories:equipment manufacturing

The area of activity of German equipment manufacturers is constantly shrinking

In the first quarter, the turnover of German manufacturers of photovoltaic equipment broke down as follows: 37% cell production equipment, 62% production equipment

of thin films and 1% of machines for the manufacture of wafers and panels. Turnover is 14% lower than a year ago. However, incoming orders in thefirst quarter increased by 21% over the start of 2018. 80% of sales were made in Asia, of which 43% in China and 31% in Vietnam, far ahead of Taiwan, which is emerging from a serious industrial crisis.

The importance of sales of thin-film equipment stems from the fact that there are several major plant expansion projects in Asia and that there is not yet any Chinese competition in this niche.

PV Magazine of 9 July

Editor's note The area of activity of German equipment manufacturers is constantly shrinking. It resides in the zones that the Chinese equipment manufacturers have not yet occupied! This is the consequence of the transfer of photovoltaic production to Asia. Manufacturers in the sector prefer local suppliers who can respond quickly to their demand. Europe and the United States are confined to expensive research and development. Chinese manufacturers then copy the technologies developed abroad with quality. Sad attitude.

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