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Prices in the sector are stable. Negotiations between suppliers and buyers are ongoing.


Demand has risen slightly, but prices are unchanged. There is still some uncertainty as to whether the rebound will continue in March, as it will depend on the profitability of downstream sectors, particularly wafers.


Type N has increased its market share since the start of 2024. Type N wafer production volume will reach 43 GW in February, resulting in an impressive 73% penetration rate for Type N. Manufacturers of P-type wafers are still in a transitional phase. Market prices vary considerably for the different formats. N-type M10 inserts, which make up most of the stock, will continue to be priced at low levels. M10 P wafers, on the other hand, will see marginal price increases due to a tight balance in a context of technological transition.

Prices for M10 and G12 P-type formats remain stable at 2-2.05 and 2.8-2.9 RMB/piece. The price of M10 and G12 wafers stands at 2 RMB/piece and 3.08-3.10 RMB/piece. Production facilities continue to operate at high capacity. Inventories are swelling.


The reduction in activity over the festive period led to a rise in prices for P-type cells to 0.38-0.40 RMB/W and 0.37-0.38 RMB/W for M10 and G12. Non-integrated cell manufacturers have maintained their prices unchanged.

The price of N-type cells stood at 0.46-0.47 RMB/W. The price differential between TOPCon and PERC cells stabilised at 0.08-0.09 RMB/W. G12 HJT cells saw prices reach 0.6-0.7 RMB/W for high-efficiency cells.

Panels :

Demand for modules remained sluggish after the holidays. Prices are stable. On average, they are between 0.88 and 0.9 RMB/W for PERC panels. The lowest prices are 0.78 - 0.84 RMB/W.

TOPCon panels cost between 0.95 and 0.98 RMB/W. Low prices are 0.85-0.90 RMB/W.

Prices for HJT panels are between 1.04 and 1.25 RMB/W in China, and between 0.140 and 0.170 $/W in markets outside China.

In February, panel manufacturers forecast global production of 37 to 38 GW.


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