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Which agrivoltaic system should I use for my olive groves?

What type of agrivoltaic installation is best for olive groves?

"The vertical inclination of the photovoltaic panels was found to be optimal for maximising the yield of olive trees", said the author of the study. "This unexpected finding highlights the nuanced interaction between the orientation of photovoltaic panels and the agricultural productivity of olive trees in agrivoltaic systems."

The study shows that the angle of inclination of the solar panels has a significant impact on electricity yield, while their height plays a crucial role in increasing crop yield.

This is followed by a lengthy description of the experimental conditions

"The amount of solar radiation that reaches the rear face of the two-sided photovoltaic panel is directly related to the albedo coefficients of the trees and the soil", added the scientists, who concluded: "Overall, the results indicate that varying the tilt angle has a greater impact on the photovoltaic yield, while varying the height of the photovoltaic panel mainly affects the yield of the olive trees."


PV Magazine 20 February 2023

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