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Who are the main panel manufacturers in the United States and around the world?

The American news website SolarReviews has ranked the top ten solar panel manufacturers in the United States on the basis of product quality, bankability and dealer network.

SolarReviews ranked the brands by value (25%), by

panel quality (20%), the company's financial performance (20%), investment in the United States (15%), warranties (10%) and the quality of the dealer network (10%).

The brands were ranked as follows:

Qcells was ranked first for the second year running.

Silfab Solar

JA Solar


Canadian Solar





SEG Solar

For international rankings of solar panel brands based on quality, performance and reliability, check out the Renewable Energy Test Center 's (RETC) annual PV Module Index report for July 2023. This report ranked solar panels based on the performance of a wide range of strength tests in its laboratory. The top performers, in alphabetical order, were Astronergy, JA Solar, JinkoSolar, Longi Solar, Qcells, Runergy, Trina Solar and Yingli Solar.


PV Magazine, 14 February 2024

Editor's note The quality of the results of this ranking stems from the seriousness of the teams who carry out these studies, and the way they select their study panel.

It is curious to note that the Renewable Energy Test Center only mentioned Chinese products (with the exception of Qcells) while SolarReviews only mentioned three Chinese products and seven non-Chinese products.

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