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Is it wise to recreate a solar industry? Australia wonders

Australia is looking into the feasibility of creating a national production facility for photovoltaic panels, from silicon to finished panels. The conclusion of the study, funded by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), is that

This project is only feasible with decades of support from publicly funded organisations.

"A number of Australian companies have already expressed their ambition to develop large-scale local solar PV manufacturing. The Silicon to Solar project is lighting the way for policy and investment to make these bold plans a reality. "


PV Magazine, 15 February 2024

Editor's note Even if the study concludes that the project is feasible, it should not be forgotten that it will have to be financed over several decades by public funds. This is due to the difference in market size between Australia and China, and therefore in the size of the industry, and to the slowness in setting up industrial processes, administrative machinery and sales teams.

Not enough thought is given to the size of countries such as India and the United States, which have embarked on setting up a photovoltaic industry, and to the customs protection needed to allow viable businesses to flourish.

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