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Power purchase agreements in 2023 according to BloombergNEF

Following on from Pexaparc and LevenTen, BloombergNEF (BNEF) reports on the number of power purchase agreements signed worldwide for solar and wind energy. They have reached

46 GW in 2023, thanks to substantial growth in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). The volume is up 12% on 2022 (which was 41 GW).

The United States contributed 17.3 GW, down 16% on 2022. The Americas accounted for 20.9 GW (45% of the total). The EMEA region contributed 15.4 GW, up 75% on 2022 (which was 8.8 GW), or 33% of the world total. Asia-Pacific countries (APAC) signed up for 9.7 GW, up 26% on 2022, or 21% of the overall total.

Amazon was the largest buyer of PPA business in 2023, as it announced 8.8 GW of PPA in 16 countries, of which 5.63 GW was solar. Amazon's clean energy portfolio totalled 33.6 GW.

The second largest buyer was Meta (3 GW), followed by LyondellBasell (1.33 GW of solar and wind).

150 renewable energy developers have signed PPAs with companies. French utility Engie sold the most capacity (20.4 GW) last year, followed by energy giant AES (1.9 GW),


PV Tech of 13 February 2023

Editor's note: The discrepancy between the No. 1 developer and the No. 2 developer is due to an error by the author of the text.

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