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Things to remember this week up to 11 February 2024 (no. 475)

Highlight :

The continuing conflict between Israel and the Palestinians has woken up the Arab world and prompted Iran to launch an assault on the Red Sea by the Houthi rebels. Even if these attacks are not very important, they are spectacular and encourage those in charge of ships loaded with hydrocarbons to bypass Africa. This increases costs and threatens to spread, leading to more serious disruption of world trade, as we had a foretaste of with the disruption of Chinese supplies during Covid.

One of the main victims is likely to be the photovoltaic sector, which will be hit by the contagion of three factors: higher delivery costs, hasty purchases by developers who have until now been taking advantage of the continuing fall in panel prices, and supplies from project managers who are buying panels for the 2024 season. The trend is set to reverse after the Chinese New Year.

A look at a potential danger


1st important point The swelling profits of the various panel producers indicate that they have taken advantage of the change in technology to raise their prices, when the period should have been one of fine-tuning, industrial trial and error, and the casting of goods...

Type N panels were sold in 2023 at a much higher profit than those of type P


2nd secondary point : .

French data from RTE

3rd point (subsidiary) :

Chinese exports have risen sharply, finding outlets in India and Brazil that are not supplied by Europe or the United States.

Chinese exports in 2023


Other interesting points :

The rebound effect of solar energy.

Three European panel manufacturers call for "emergency measures

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