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French data from RTE

SER is delighted to see renewable energies accelerating the decarbonisation of the French and European electricity mix, a dynamic that needs to be amplified.

According to the data published yesterday by RTE in its electricity report, the production of renewable and recovered electrical energy reached new records, producing

140.8 TWh: in order, hydroelectric generation reached 58.2 TWh - up by 9.2 TWh (+18%), wind generation reached 50.7 TWh - up by 12 TWh (+31%) and solar generation reached 21.5 TWh - up by 3 TWh (+16%). Thermal renewables (mainly biomass and biogas) and waste contributed 10.4 TWh.

Renewable energies thus accounted for 31.6% of electricity consumption in mainland France (28.4% of electricity generation including exports). As a result, France's electricity mix in 2023 was the most carbon-free ever recorded, with 92.2% of electricity production being low-carbon (including nuclear power) and a carbon intensity of 32 gCO2/kWh.

A sharp decline in the use of fossil fuels, thanks in particular to renewable energies, has been observed, leading to a 46% reduction in theCO2 emissions associated with electricity consumption in France: 13 million tonnes ofCO2 were avoided in France, and even more abroad thanks to low-carbon exports (-11 million tonnes in Germany and -5 million tonnes in Italy), proving once again the significant contribution made by the development of French renewable energies.This is further proof that the development of French renewable energies is making a significant contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in France and Europe.

RTE figures: https://tecsol.blogs.com/mon_weblog/2024/02/rte-publie-son-bilan-%C3%A9lectrique-france-2023-rendre-plus-flexible-la-structure-de-la-consommation-pou.html


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