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CRE to postpone publication of new tariffs for PV installations of less than 500 kW.

The French Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) has had to postpone publication of the new tariffs for photovoltaic installations of less than 500 kW. It will have to wait for the amending tariff decree.

which plans to raise the quarterly development targets in order to rectify the formula that sets prices. Without a change, the degressivity coefficient would cause the feed-in tariff to fall too quickly and too sharply, encouraging developers to abandon installations of this capacity because they are unprofitable.

Rapidly falling tariffs and prices

Tariffs for the 100-500 kWp segment should have fallen by around 15% on1 February 2024, following a significant drop in the previous two quarters.

CRE press release: https://www.cre.fr/actualites/report-de-la-publication-des-nouveaux-tarifs-et-primes-relatifs-aux-installations-photovoltaiques-implantees-sur-batiment-hangar-ou-ombriere-d-un


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