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The European Commission believes that its environmental policy is heading in the right direction

The European Commission has stated that "greenhouse gas emissions could be reduced by 90% by 2040". To achieve this, a number of conditions need to be met, the most important being

full implementation of existing legislation to reduce emissions by at least 55% by 2030. The ongoing update of the draft National Energy and Climate Plans (NECP) will also be crucial to progress.

The EU energy sector is expected to achieve full decarbonisation shortly after 2040 through the use of zero or low-carbon energy solutions, including renewable energies. including renewables, battery energy storage systems (BESS), carbon offsets and hydropower.


PV Tech of 7 February 2024

Editor's note This statement by the Commission looks like a testament and also a desire to make a date by indicating that the Commission is capable of achieving this result if it is given the means to do so, i.e. if its existence is extended.

Even if this objective is desirable, the mass of new directives that are cumbersome to manage and pointless (farmers have strongly and rightly denounced those that concern them, but others are to be found in all areas of daily life) encourage us to hope for a different attitude from the next Commission.

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