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Hydrogen in figures

The production of hydrogen by electrolysis of water has doubled in one year in France. This is mainly to supply a growing fleet of vehicles.

As Roland Berger points out: "The international hydrogen market is accelerating.

This should lead to the production of 110 million tonnes by 2030. 12% of this production could be green hydrogen, and Europe's share rises to 33% - putting it well ahead of the Americas, Asia and the Middle East.

By 2023, Europe will have set a number of regulatory milestones favourable to the deployment of hydrogen, such as the Net Zero industry, the Critical Raw Materials Regulation (CRR), and the European Union's hydrogen strategy.the regulation on critical raw materials (CRMA) and certain texts of the Green Pact (Red III directive, and the Afir, Refuel Aviation and FuelUE Maritime regulations).

France intends to play a major role in the use of green hydrogen: installed electrolysis capacity will reach 30 MW in 2023, compared with 13 MW in 2022. The use of hydrogen is concentrated on transport. Sixty-nine distribution stations have been opened to date. They power around sixty buses, taxis and a few refuse collection vehicles.

To read the Roland Berger study: https://www.actu-environnement.com/media/pdf/news-43379-etude-marche-hydrogene-roland-berger.pdf


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