L R AS Published on Sunday 4 February 2024 - n° 474 - Categories:R&D

Oxford PV and Fraunhofer ISE have developed a tandem module with 25% efficiency

Oxford PV and Fraunhofer ISE develop a perovskite silicon tandem module with a record efficiency of 25% over a surface area of 1.68 m².

Perovskite silicon tandem cells

have a theoretical maximum efficiency of 43%, compared with less than 30% for silicon solar cells.


Tecsol, 31 January 2024

Editor's note: while manufacturers are trying to make up a few tenths of a percent or a few percent on silicon wafers, researchers are trying to develop new tandem wafers, which increase maximum efficiency by more than a third. Successes have been announced one after the other (see above, or the offer from Canada's Solaires Entreprises)

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