L R AS Published on Sunday 28 January 2024 - n° 473 - Categories:panels

Production of panels to replace old, damaged ones

Solar Distribution manufactures made-to-measure photovoltaic solar panels. It replaces identical panels under the O2 Solar brand. From1 January 2024,

O2 Solar brand panels will be covered by a 15-year guarantee for any specific manufacture or identical replacement of old and new generation panels from 125 W to 550 W. All you need to do is submit a technical data sheet. For orders of 100 panels or more. Allow 3 to 4 months for production.


Tecsol of 24 January 2024

Editor's note Solar power plants that have reached a certain age have panels that have stopped producing. O2 Solar meets a need. But it has to remind the owners of old power plants to call on it. That's probably the reason for this article.

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