L R AS Published on Saturday 20 January 2024 - n° 472 - Categories:industry, industrial strategy

Europe's Sinovoltaics sets up in the United States

German-Dutch solar testing company Sinovoltaics is to expand its operations in the US market as a result of

of the 'boom' in solar and battery energy storage manufacturing driven by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).

The company says its artificial intelligence-based SELMA tool has been used by 'all' Tier 1 solar manufacturers in Asia. The company claims that SELMA tests 100% of panels purchased by a buyer and can guarantee 'zero risk' of micro-cracks and other cell defects.

Sinovoltaics claims to have tested 4 million panels by 2023. Level 1 installations showed an average replacement rate of around 1-3%.


PV Tech of 16 January 2024

Editor's note This is both an advertisement for the company and an illustration of the American attraction: this company needs a presence across the Atlantic, because Europe is not dynamic enough.

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