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Over 100 GW of panels imported into Europe for a demand of 56 GW!

In November 2023, China exported 18 GW of panels, an increase of 65% over November 2022. Over eleven months, cumulative exports reached 192 GW, up 33% on the comparable period in 2022.

To Europe,

In November, China exported 4.9 GW of panels, down 22% on October's 6.1 GW, and down 20% year-on-year.

From January to November, Europe imported 96.4 GW of panels, 19.5% more than in the same period last year.

Infolink reports that stocks of Chinese panels have been falling monthly since August, following a build-up of goods in the first quarter.

In mid-December, the spot price for panels in Europe was between $0.10 and $0.2/W, down slightly from $0.12-0.21/W in mid-November. However, the average price remained at $0.13/W, indicating a slower decline in prices. With developers suspending construction work for the Christmas holidays, inventory drawdowns have been lower since October.

Some European manufacturers are trying to resolve the problem of panel stocks by redirecting them to other countries. Inventories will continue to fall in the fourth quarter. In addition, some of the orders delivered in early 2024 are TOPCon products. Before then, stocks will continue to be depleted.

Overall, Europe will gradually stop stockpiling as the year draws to a close. Stock drawdowns in December will be lower than in November. The volume of Chinese panel imports in the fourth quarter of this year could be slightly lower than last year.


Infolink of 28 December 2023

Editor's note These explanations seem more to exonerate Chinese manufacturers from any responsibility, but they are hardly credible.

In 2023, Chinese panel imports into Europe will exceed 100 GW. This will be twice the installed volume of 56 GW in Europe. This will be on top of the 40 GW surplus at the end of 2022. So to say that stocks are deflating is not possible.

To justify this surplus of deliveries in 2023, the Chinese explain that a certain proportion of the panels delivered to Europe are redirected for export. This is an unjustified assertion designed to conceal the fact that China needs to distribute the panels produced in surplus. How can we believe that panels delivered, stored in Europe and then shipped back could be sold abroad at a price that is affordable and, above all, equivalent to the price of direct deliveries from China?

Infolink is acting as the spokesperson for Chinese manufacturers, to the detriment of the truth.

Europe already has all the demand for 2024 installations in stock. Are we still going to receive panels to please Chinese manufacturers?

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