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Objective: triple annual renewable energy installations

World leaders reached a final decision at the COP28 summit in Dubai, calling for a global effort to triple renewable energy capacity and "move away" from fossil fuels. The solar industry

welcomed the new renewable energy target. For its part, the World Solar Council has warned that the specific language around fossil fuels leaves "too many back doors" open for countries not to decarbonise sufficiently.


PV Tech of 13 November 2023

Editor's note There are intentions and there is reality: the desire to triple the installation capacity of renewable energies is certainly laudable, but all observers have noted the obstacles and disincentives to the rapid expansion of photovoltaics: administrative authorisations, manpower, cost increases linked to financial charges or components. This is also what SolarPower Europe is pointing out: its forecasts for the next few years are for European growth of around 10% a year, as if it weren't possible to do better even with the best will in the world!

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