L R AS Published on Saturday 16 December 2023 - n° 470 - Categories:Chinese company, silicon mono/multi

Daqo launches new silicon investment programme

Chinese silicon manufacturer Daqo is to build a new production facility in Xinjiang province. The project is divided into two phases: the first includes 50,000 tonnes of annual silicon capacity, 150,000 tonnes of silicon metal production and one million tonnes of silicon metal production.

of silicon starter rods. The investment amounts to nearly RMB 7.5 billion (USD 1 billion).

The second phase will double the production capacity of silicon and silicon metal, while increasing the number of pieces of silicon starter rods by 1.2 million. This investment will also be worth 7.5 billion RMB.

Xinjiang was chosen because of its very low electricity prices and rich natural resources. This production unit will integrate upstream production and reduce costs.


PV Tech of 13 November 2023

Editor's note At a time when silicon overproduction is beginning to wreak havoc, industry players are looking beyond 24 months, which is the lead time for building a new production unit. They anticipate that demand will continue to grow.

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