L R AS Published on Saturday 2 December 2023 - n° 468 - Categories:agrovoltaic

Agri-tourism projects must affirm the centrality of agriculture!

At the Agrivoltaics 2023 conference held this week in Strasbourg, solar developers, research centres and other players argued that agrivoltaic projects must give a central role to agricultural production.

in agrivoltaic configurations. "We need to work on sustainable business cases: we're at a very early stage. There is a lot of work to be done on this, but we cannot question the centrality of agricultural production," said Emilien Simonot, head of agrivoltaics EMEA & APAC at Source lumineuse pb.

The German farmers' association said that energy production is the third priority for some agrivoltaic projects, after agricultural production, then biodiversity and finally energy.

The second most sensitive issue for agri-voltaic projects, after electricity production, revolves around limits and constraints, potentially at national level. These constraints may involve a maximum rate of land use or minimum agricultural productivity.


PV Magazine, 29 November 2023

Editor's note If we're trying to get the message across that priority should be given to agriculture, it's because a number of abuses have favoured energy production over agricultural production!

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