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Temporary or permanent decline in PV installations in Germany?

Germany installed 919 MW of new PV capacity in September, according to the latest figures from the Federal Grid Agency. This compares with 1,056 MW in August and 750 MW in September 2022.

In the first nine months of this year, developers connected 10.7 GW of solar power to the grid, compared with 5.6 GW in the same period last year.

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Current performance of N-type cells and panels

Advances in N-type technology are resulting in record cell and panel efficiencies. In 2023, HJT modules repeatedly broke their output performance records.

HJT panels at over 23%.

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Silicon price down 4% this week

This week, the price of silicon fell by 4.2% to RMB79.5 ($11.07)/kg for the first time in over three months, due to weakening demand across the solar supply chain. The price of silicon is between 75 and 83 RMB/kg. Major manufacturers are holding their prices at the high end of this range, while Tier 2 producers have reduced their prices to the low end.

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The Land of Brandenburg wants to introduce a levy on PV power stations

The Brandenburg state parliament is considering a bill to ensure that "ground-mounted photovoltaic installations pay a special tax to the local authorities", with an annual charge of €2,000 per megawatt.

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SolarEdge revises its annual forecasts downwards

SolarEdge is lowering its annual guidance as the company experienced "significant unexpected cancellations and backlog deletions from our European distributors" in the second half of the third quarter. The company

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Net profit for JinkoSolar's manufacturing subsidiary quadruples in nine months

In its preliminary results for the first nine months, JinkoSolar's panel production subsidiary, Jiangxi Jinko, reported a net profit of between RMB6.1 billion and RMB6.5 billion.

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