L R AS Published on Sunday 22 October 2023 - n° 462 - Categories:Germany

The Land of Brandenburg wants to introduce a levy on PV power stations

The parliament of the Land of Brandenburg is considering a bill to ensure that "ground-mounted photovoltaic installations pay a special tax to local authorities", with an annual fee of €2,000 per megawatt.

to the municipality on whose territory the plant is built for each ground-mounted system with a capacity of 1 megawatt or more commissioned from January 2024.

Although the federal law provides for a voluntary payment to municipalities, it only applies to electricity generation subsidised by the EEG.

The aim of this measure is to increase public acceptance and promote a tripling of installed solar capacity.


Photon of 19 October 2023

Editor's note The idea of the power station contributing to the costs of the municipality seems an interesting one and, above all, reduces the number of objections from local residents.

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