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Suniva to resume solar cell production in spring 2024

US cell producer Suniva will resume production of 1 GW of solar cells at its Georgia plant in spring 2024, before expanding to 2.5 GW. This comes more than six years after the company declared bankruptcy.

Current production capacity

of panels in the United States is 7 GW, according to the American Clean Power Association (ACP). Announced expansions or new installations could bring this total to 62 GW. Production capacity for cells in operation or announced is 35 GW. Current or announced capacity is 10 GW of ingots ingots and wafers. Current or announced capacity for silicon reaches 29 GW.

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PV Tech of 12 October 2023

Editor's note Manufacturers are focusing on panel production and neglecting ingot and wafer production. This means that the industry will remain dependent on external, and therefore Chinese, production. The latter will be able to monetise their contribution to the production of cells and panels. Unless the abundance of panel production encourages manufacturers to move upstream. It is true that setting up furnaces to produce silicon takes several half-years, and is not compatible with the deadlines set by the IRA.

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