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LONGi recommends a new technology, rear contact

LONGi believes that the company's hybrid passivated back-contact technology (HPBC) will dominate the photovoltaic world in the future. Its president estimates that "in the next five to six years, back-contact cells will make up the majority of crystalline silicon cells.

The high conversion efficiency of back-contact cells is the jewel in the crown of crystalline silicon technology, and the entire industry is now ready to choose this jewel."

LONGi plans to reach a total solar cell production capacity of 110 GW by the end of 2023, with 30 GW dedicated to TOPCon technology and 80 GW to back-contact technology.

TOPCon cell technology is transitional and offers minimal efficiency improvements over PERC's past technological advances.

Back-contact technology can be combined with P-type wafers, for which LONGi has substantial production capacity, giving it an advantage over the more common interdigitated back-contact (IBC) technology.

"Back-contact cell technology improves the efficiency of photoelectric conversion by relocating all the electrolyte grids to a different location.all the electrode grids from the front to the back of the cell, reducing shading of the grids by sunlight. This technology can be combined with a variety of cell technologies to form back-contact solar cells."

In March, LONGi launched its own hybrid passivated back contact technology (HPBC). The company has yet to explain exactly what HPBC is, but it is thought to be an extension of P-type (positively doped silicon) IBC technology that combines the structural advantages of PERC, TOPCon and solar IBC.

LONGi will develop "P-IBC" cells using its extensive P-type wafer production capacity, as well as a silicon dioxide tunnel layer, a silicon film and improved laser equipment, deposition and processing techniques.LONGi will develop "P-IBC" cells using its extensive P-type wafer production capability, as well as silicon dioxide tunnel layer, silicon film and enhanced laser equipment, low pressure chemical vapour deposition and coating cleaning equipment, all derived from PERC process lines.


PV Magazine 11 September 2023

Editor's note: LONGi is the company that devotes the highest percentage of its turnover to research and development. If it announces that it has developed another process (rear contact), we can be sure that it has examined the solution.

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