L R AS Published on Saturday 16 September 2023 - n° 457 - Categories:various issues around PV

A cycle track to test long-distance direct current

A 900-metre-long cycle path covered with 900 kW solar panels is to be built on the banks of the Rhône in the south of France. The aim is to

assessing the integration of a photovoltaic installation into the landscape, examining its energy performance, and also transporting the electricity in medium-voltage direct current to the point of delivery while minimising electrical losses due to the long length of the cables. This project foreshadows the development of projects over 20 km long.

The consortium is led by CNR (Compagnie Nationale du Rhône). It includes cable manufacturer Nexans, Schneider Electric, rail operator SNCF and the Institut SuperGrid.


PV Magazine, 13 September 2023

Editor's note: If solar panels were to become more widespread, and direct current production more widespread, it would make sense to use this type of energy rather than converting it to alternating current. Hence the interest in this project.

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