An agrivoltaic installation on a cherry orchard

Published on Sunday 10 September 2023 | Article n°456

Sun'Agri has just inaugurated a new agrivoltaic system on a 2.7 hectare cherry orchard in Loriol-sur-Drôme (26). The system has an installed electrical output of

of 2.2 MW. Thanks to adjustable solar louvres positioned around 5 metres above the ground and controlled by algorithms, they create an optimum state of well-being for the plant, varying the sunlight and shade to create a microclimate tailored to its needs in real time.They vary the amount of sunlight and shade to create a microclimate tailored to the plant's needs in real time.

Irrigation needs are reduced (-30%), and extreme temperatures are kept to a minimum: up to -4°C measured under the louvers during the summer of 2022, but -10°C on floors and surfaces in direct sunlight and +1.5°C during periods of frost.

Tecsol of 8 September 2023

Editor's note We already know that animals have a right to dignity, so will we soon be introducing a right to dignity for plants and offering them a right to well-being?

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