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PV installations in France in the first half of the year

The French Ministry for Ecological Transition reports that some 1,378 MW of new photovoltaic systems were connected to the French grid between January and June (compared with

1,223 MW in thefirst half of 2022). Installed capacity reached 18 GW at the end of June.

Projects awaiting connection to the grid total 20 GW (+19% on1 January 2023), of which 4.9 GW have signed connection agreements.

The Multiannual Energy Programme (PPE) sets an initial target of 20.1 GW for the end of 2023 and two options (44 GW for the highest and 35.1 GW for the lowest) for the end of 2028.


PV Magazine, 29 August 2023

Editor's note While photovoltaics are advertised as producing electricity that is cheaper than that from fossil fuels, which is good for a country's competitiveness, France is still in the trial and error phase. Germany is starting to install more gigawatts in a month than France does in six months. The gap is widening, without anyone looking into why this situation persists or suggesting solutions to remedy it.

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