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French PV companies penalised by lack of panel installers

Demand for solar panels exploded in 2023 following the surge in electricity prices in August 2022. Individuals and businesses wanted to reduce their bills by installing solar panels.

They were based on an installation cost that would pay for itself in eight to twelve years. After that, there are twenty years or so to take advantage of the installation, bearing in mind that the price of electricity will continue to rise. According to Enerplan, new orders for solar panel installations amounted to 140 MWh in the first quarter of 2023 alone, compared with 20 to 30 MWh installed each quarter in 2021. This abundance of demand has not been met. Professionals suffered from a lack of supply of solar equipment in 2022, and then when this shortage was resolved, from a lack of installers: according to Enerplan, the sector currently has 10,000 installers (including roofers and electricians). It will need 8,000 more professionals by 2025.

Companies are unable to provide rooftop installations. What's more, since1 July 2023, the "Climate & Resilience" law has required buildings to plant vegetation or cover 30% of their roof surface with solar panels.


La Tribune,1 August 2023

Editor's note The warning of high electricity prices in August 2022 could be considered an aberration and therefore a marginal phenomenon. However, the government is launching installation targets (multiannual energy programme), which sets installation targets, and almost every year adds extra installations without adapting the means to the ends. It is unable to achieve its targets, and at the same time it does not have the means to meet them!

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