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New measures in Germany to stimulate photovoltaic installations

The German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs has approved measures (known as Package 1) to coordinate the deployment of solar energy, with a target of 215 GW of installed capacity by 2030. To achieve this, installations must reach

22 GW per year by 2026. The proposed legislative changes primarily simplify rechargeable solar devices, while encompassing all areas, including roof-mounted and ground-mounted systems, as well as the supply of electricity to tenants and communities. Rooftop installations will be streamlined, as existing simplified grid connection procedures will be extended to photovoltaic systems up to 30 kW in size. Access to direct marketing for small photovoltaic systems will also be simplified, and the technical equipment requirements for systems up to 25 kW will be eased.

For medium-sized commercial systems, an installation certificate will only be required for an injection capacity of 270 kW or an installed capacity of more than 500 kW.

The previous EEG amendment introduced a new repowering regulation for ground-mounted photovoltaic systems, which will now be extended to rooftop systems, allowing the replacement of old panels with more powerful ones while maintaining the original feed-in tariff.

A solar package no. 2 is in preparation.


PV Magazine 18 August 2023

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