New bifacial tracking algorithm for followers

Published on Monday 29 May 2023 | Article n°447

Soltec has developed a new bifacial tracking algorithm to determine the optimal angle of solar trackers to maximise the production of specific bifacial panels in solar power plants.

The algorithm takes into account the parameters of the installation,

such as albedo and ground albedo, which can be dynamically configured to improve efficiency. Analytical and experimental tests have been carried out at different latitudes, showing an increase in energy production ranging from 0.10% to 0.12%, depending on location and albedo conditions.

Soltec estimates an economic gain of €6,192 per year for a 50 MW plant at a Mediterranean latitude with an albedo of 30%. The algorithm complements Soltec's other tracking algorithms, such as TeamTrack and Diffuse Booster, which respectively deal with shading and maximise production in the event of diffuse radiation.

PV Magazine 22 May 2023

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