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Plants in France: in the North, in Saône et Loire, in Aubenas, in Disneyland, in Guyana

Published on Monday 22 May 2023 | Article n°446

Solar power plants announced or built in France:

  • 5.5 MW at the Moulin de Beuvry plantPas de Calais inaugurated at the end of May built by Corsica Sole
  • Panels installed on the extension of the Regilait factory in St Martin BelleRoche (Saône et Loire) to be built by Urbasolar
  • The 5 MWp park in Lavilledieu near Aubenas has just been inaugurated by the CNR and Energie Rhône Vallée
  • The 3rd phase of the Disneyland power plant in Paris is now operational. The plant produces 27 GWh. The last phase will increase production to 36 GWh per year and will be completed in 2023.
  • 5 MW of solar power and 10.6 MWh of storage in Guyana built by Voltalia
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