L R AS Published on Monday 22 May 2023 - n° 446 - Categories:new development

New tools are needed to counterbalance intermittency

The intermittency of renewables requires the use of tools such as energy storage and virtual power plants. But with new technologies being used by the grid and consumers, utilities and regional transmission operators must employ

grid control and maintenance software to orchestrate, aggregate and monitor the delivery of energy when the sun stops shining and the wind stops blowing.

A Californian start-up has developed software. It collects a set of energy data from the user's home, hour by hour throughout the year. The tool provides a new approach to grid planning, electric vehicle charging analysis, wireless alternatives and load forecasting. It provides a full year's worth of data, 24 hours a day, to utilities and industry players.

These players then have the means to know the consumption of the users and therefore to provide the necessary energy.


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