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What to remember this week on 14 May 2023

The point in evidence The point: will France and Europe have too many battery production plants?

Mr Macron was particularly pleased to be able to announce the installation of two battery production units in northern France. He was even beaming.

These two new units are in addition to all those that have announced their arrival in Europe. In February 2022, there were already 35 of them. The number has grown since then. Their long-term survival depends on the agreement with one or more electric vehicle manufacturers and on the supply of raw materials. This rush of battery manufacturers into the European market will considerably increase the demand for components and metals. Two questions arise: will there be enough supply to satisfy the purchases of these factories? And secondly, will the price of these batteries be sufficiently reduced for buyers to be tempted by electric vehicles?

A look at the announcement of two new battery production units in France

1st important point VDMA provides a relevant perspective on the PV industry

Some aspects of the PV industry by VDMA

Secondary point 2 There are two phases in the technological advancement of photovoltaics in particular: A research phase that can last several years. Once progress has been made, such as a 22% - 23% conversion rate by 2022-2023, developers take over to move from a few square centimetres to a 2m² panel or more. Meanwhile, new research avenues are being explored to determine the solution(s) to be pursued

The effectiveness of PV research: moving towards implementation of successes

3rd point (subsidiary) Batteries for electric vehicles are subject to the availability of raw materials. The price of raw materials will determine the production cost of the battery and therefore the success or failure of electric vehicles.

Lithium salt has been falling for several months and is starting to recover

Other interesting points :

Is there a match between energy production and demand in industry?

The choice to replace Russian gas: a bad decision?

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