Towards a European method for calculating carbon footprints?

Published on Monday 15 May 2023 | Article n°445

Researchers associated with the European Commission have developed a new methodology for calculating the carbon footprint of photovoltaic panels for use in EU ecodesign regulations.

The method is divided into nine main stages. These include a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) hotspot analysis, dedicated to identifying the areas where environmental impacts are greatest.

Subsequent steps analyse the product's environmental footprint (PEFCR) to compare it with the ecodesign requirements for PV panels.

The method also performs a sensitivity analysis of PV panel silicon content, panel efficiency and the power grid mix used in the manufacturing phase before calculating the final results.

The final steps are to interpret the results, consult stakeholders and finally define any carbon footprint requirements for PV panels.

The researchers acknowledge that their proposals do not reflect the official position of the European Commission.

PV Magazine 8 May 2023

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