Apart from Spain, Europe was covered in clouds in April, resulting in low PV production

Published on Monday 8 May 2023 | Article n°444

Solcast, a subsidiary of DNV, has presented irradiance data for Europe for the month of April. Spain enjoyed a solar radiation of

20% to 30% above average during the month of April. Solar power generation in the Iberian Peninsula was 12 GW above average on most days of the month. This explains the high proportion of the peak (of around 60 GW) of the European-wide figures available for the month.)

However, for much of Western and Central Europe, the irradiance was below average. The passage of clouds reduced solar irradiance in all countries, including France, Germany and Poland. The impacts were greatest for Ukraine, which experienced heavy rain and flooding, reducing average production by up to 40%.

PV Magazine of 5 May 2023

Editor's note It was unimaginable that there was such a disparity between European countries in a single month

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