L R AS Published on Saturday 15 April 2023 - n° 441 - Categories:Europe

The ESMC, the European Solar Manufacturing Council, wants to be remembered!

In March, he had already called for domestic PV panel manufacturing to be financed from EU funds Today,

The ESMC calls on states to allocate part of the financial support from the REPowerEU programme to the manufacture of solar photovoltaic panels.


Tech from 14 April 2023

Editor's note For as long as the ESMC has been calling for a photovoltaic industrial revival and seeing nothing coming, it should remember the proverb: "help yourself and the sky will help you".

The Commission found that there was no agreement among members to relaunch such a sector. Germany, which is more concrete, has drawn the consequences and launched a study to reindustrialise photovoltaics.

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